Are you ready to dive into your dreams and set some goals?

Do you want to live your best life and lean into your values? 

Is it time you put some serious work into your ongoing personal and professional development?


 Life Change & Results Coach

Here I am, your personal cheer squad!


My name is Renée and I am here to help you realise your dream life. 

My own path has taken me to some pretty amazing places, from teaching in classrooms, around the world adventures to lecturing at a university. 

You could probably call me a perpetual student. Actually, you can definitely call me that. I am a student seeking personal and professional development but more importantly, I am a student of life. 

I've learnt from my of the mistakes I've made on this journey and will share my experiences with you. 



 I will help you write your own road map and walk your path


Rid yourself of limiting beliefs and see your own superpowers 


 I will help you see your own strengths and skills


I will give you the strategies and tools you need to see results


I am your cheer squad and will help you solve your challenges


Dive into your dreams and set audacious goals 


Here is the part where you would expect me to have a long list of services on offer. Except there is just one, and it's up to you to choose your own adventure!

With three different packages available, you can decide on the level of coaching you need for your individual situation. We can discuss which one is right for you in your free discovery call!  

The purpose of a discovery call is for us to get to know each other, discuss your challenges and goals and to determine if we are a good match to work together. During the call you will also learn more about my coaching packages. 

To drive real change you need to clear the path so you can start to make waves.

"Renée's talent lies in her ability to develop self-awareness. That, coupled with her clarification of marketing concepts, brand growth, and ways in which to harness social media, gave us the confidence required to take the necessary steps of turning our dream into a reality. Dynamic."

- Dave Monk Tour Cyclist & Blogger

"Renée has the uncanny ability to help people see their own strengths and skills, the experience of working with her was the most transformative as I now have a range of new skills and tools with which I can utilise at any time, any where. She’s literally changed my life."

- Amy Schultz Digital Nomad

"I’m empowered, I have momentum, motivation and a strategy to get where I have always wanted to go - and the experience of working with Renée allowed me to see how I can get all of my ideas into action and start seeing results in my business and personal life. She’s given me the tools to coach myself and my team to setting and achieving goals."

- Daniel Scott Entrepreneur


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