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with Renée de Villenueve

A 60-minute life priority and clarity session with a focus on mapping and developing a strategy for your next steps. The session will leave you feeling empowered to take action and confident in the direction you want to steer your life.  

Think of it as creating a recipe with all the right ingredients for your life.

Who it's for -

Life Recipe.png

Women who need to get back on track, get clarity, strategies and an action plan to get (re)started on working towards their goals and into the flow of life again. You'll leave feeling pumped and purposeful. 

 Are you  -

Feeling stuck, unable to make a decision, take action (because you really don't know where to start, or how to start), feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, and be, and on top of all that, (as if that's not enough), you're really not sure the life you're living is the one you want to be living...

Visualise this; You've just finished a one hour Life Recipe session, you're feeling excited, purposeful, focused and you know what your priorities are, plus, they're totally yours. You've reconnected with your intuition and you have a plan, action steps and a short term strategy to get momentum towards your goals and making your Life Recipe, a reality. 

Sound like something you might like? 

What's included - 

  • Pre-call questionnaire so we can jump straight in and hone in on what needs to be done.

  • 60 minute 1:1 coaching session; focused on getting you out of feeling stuck and out of sync with life and back in control of your plans and goals.

  • A copy of your Life Recipe with an outline of your strategy and action steps.

           Are you in? The next steps to creating your Life Recipe -

  • Life Recipe is a one-off 60 minute 1:1 bespoke coaching session valued at $150 USD 

  • You'll get clear on your priorities

  • Create a strategy and road-map for your goals

  • Practical tools and action steps towards realising your plans. 

  • A renewed sense of purpose, direction and intention. 

       Client Testimonials

Sophie Reid


Screenshot (222).png

I've always had difficulties setting goals. Working with Renéehelped me become better at this. With Renée's help, expertise, I'm getting there. That's invaluable.

Amy Schultz

Translator & Digital Nomad


Renée has the ability to help people see their strengths and skills, the experience of working with her was transformative I now have a range of new skills and tools I can utilise at any time. 

Rachel Saliba

Education Consultant


Renée is extremely intuitive, authentic and thoughtful in her coaching. Working with her has encouraged me to keep working towards reaching my goals and overcome the things that prevent me from living my dream life.

Still not sure? Want to talk with me? Book in your free discovery call to discuss living a happier, more purposeful life!

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