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with Renée de Villenueve

An 8-week private coaching program for women who want the support to create solid foundations to become heart-centred side hustlers. 

Who it's for -

Walk Your Ent Path.png

Women who want to get a side hustle up and running with structured focus, ideal for anyone who isn’t sure what it will be or has some ideas but not sure which are the best ones to action.

What's included - 

  • Pre-call questionnaire so we can jump straight in with laser focus from week one.

  • 8 weekly x 60 minute 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions; 

  • Accountability measures, check-ins and resource templates to help structure your plans so that you stay on track, feel supported and maintain momentum as you develop your business foundations;

  • A host of new tools to add to your personal tool kit to help you be your own best coach, for you to be able to hold yourself accountable going forward.

Week 1: Your life recipe

Get in touch with your priorities and start looking at what you'd like your life to look like, going forward, what's working now and what's got to change.

Week 2: Values and motivations

Using the Life Recipe we developed in Week 1, we'll unpack your values, motivations and see how they align with your life vision and work on how to integrate the two.

Week 3: Take back your personal power

Your personal power is in your mindset and beliefs, this week we'll take a look at what you think and feel about yourself and your life, and breakthrough these limitations you're putting on yourself. 

Week 4: Reintroducing yourself

We've spent some time on the first four pillars of who you are and what drives you, this week the focus will be on you, and your golden thread, that consistent theme that shows up throughout your life. 

Week 5: Project planning

This week it's all about the foundations of your start-up, we'll be deep-diving into who your ideal client is and why you're the right person to be providing them with your products and/or services. 

Week 6: Targeting your market

Research is the theme for this week, researching your ideal client, but also what other people are doing and how they're making their mark. We'll also be pulling together some content to showcase you.

Week 7: Scaffolding 

It's all about presentation this week, building your presence online and developing your visuals so that as a brand your online presence depicts your values, your why and most importantly, attracts and resonates with your ideal clients who are aligned with those values.

Week 8: Future planning

You're pretty much ready to go, and by now you've got a solid foundation of resources and plans to move forward. Social media content and planning will set you up to create consistent posts and visibility online. 

Next Steps to Walk Your Entrepreneurial Path - 

Jump off the fence and dive in, investing in your entrepreneurial future with Walk Your Entrepreneurial Path will help you;

- Get clear on your priorities, and identify your key strengths and opportunities

- Create a strategy and road-map to build your business foundations

- Practical tools and action steps towards realising your road map. 

- A renewed sense of purpose, direction and intention. 

By the end of Walk Your Entrepreneurial Path, you’ll have the foundations of your business idea and a strategic plan to take action as you launch into life as a heart-centred side-hustler. 

Apply now by booking a 30-minute discovery call to make sure we're a good fit. 

       Client Testimonials

Dr Jess André

Marine Biologist and Illustrator

Jessica-Andre (2).jpg

When I felt stuck, her strategies and tools  enabled me to take the steps towards making sustainable change, and achieve goals I’d struggled with for a long time

Lucia Tomarchio

Psychic and Artist


Your insights have deep value for me to act on and get started. I highly recommend Renée for her insights on how to take the steps to experience the life you wish to create for yourself. 

Dave Monk

Author and Tour Cyclist


Renée's talent lies in her ability to develop self-awareness. That gave us the confidence required to take the necessary steps of turning our dream into a reality. Dynamic.

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