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Hi there, I'm Renée.

I support and coach women who have wondered, is this it? and are looking to create sustainable change so that they can lean into their lives with greater intention and purposeful direction. 

15 years ago I woke up one morning, and thought, is this it? Is this what life is supposed to be, really?  After following all the rules, I wasn't happy or satisfied with what I'd been promised would be a great life. This prompted a journey around the world, studying, working, travelling in pursuit of who I was supposed to be. Eventually, I remembered. And, from that moment on my purpose has been to help women reconnect with who they are and make sure that no one spends as much time as I did feeling disconnected and anchorless in the world.

On my journey, I've done everything from run small businesses to work in large multi-nationals, work as a freelance digital nomad to a classroom teacher, university lecturer, corporate trainer, a coach, and a perpetual student. 

Now, I live in Australia where I coach, amazing women, like you, get clear on what their hearts want and become their best selves through empowerment and foundation coaching in start-ups and entrepreneurial journeys so they too can share their fabulous selves with the world, the way they are meant to.


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My signature coaching program; designed to get you clear on your path, with accountability and taking action towards becoming a start-up entrepreneur.

8-weeks of 1:1 coaching sessions focused on getting you clear and focused on what's not working in your life, removing the what-if that's lurking in the back of your mind and pivoting your day to day towards creating a solid foundation for a heart-centred side hustle. 

Courage to Change Course.png

You do you with the Courage to Change Course, take it at your own pace or opt-in to have additional 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions that will really help you build momentum and self-belief as you develop your courage and connection with the course you'd like your life to take.


An 8-week self-paced e-course with the option to upgrade to include weekly 8 x 60 minute 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions for women who want to really make waves with accountability measures and a personal cheer squad.​Designed to give you practical tools and applications to get you out of wondering is this it? to yeah, this is it! and feel pumped, in control of your plans, and life. 



Life Recipe.png

Get focused and excited about your next chapter, refine your goals, and formulate your next steps. This powerful one-hour session will get you reconnected and back on track.


A 60-minute life priority and clarity session with a focus on mapping and developing a strategy for your next steps. The session will leave you feeling empowered to take action and confident in the direction you want to steer your life.  ​Think of it as creating a recipe for the key ingredients in your life.


On the fence, want to make sure you have a connection with me? Book in your free discovery call to discuss living a happier, more purposeful life!

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