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with Renée de Villenueve

An 8-week self-paced e-course with the option to upgrade to include weekly coaching sessions for anyone who is ready to create meaningful changes in their life, such as changing careers, with support, accountability measures and a personal cheer squad.

Designed to give you practical tools and applications to get you out of wondering is this it? to yeah, this is it! and feel pumped, purposeful with your plans, and direction in life.

Who it's for -

Courage to Change Course.png

Women who are seeking clarity and direction, and reconnection with their inner guidance systems in order to lean into life and in the flow of their joy with the confidence and intention to walk their paths.

What's included - 

  • 8 weeks of videos, workbooks, audio downloads and reflection points delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Work your way through the evergreen content at your own pace, and dive back in whenever you need a refresh.

  • Bonus Life Recipe workbook 

Courage to Change E-Course covers the following topics;

WEEK 1: Priorities and Intentions

We're easing into the course gently with two skills you will need going forward, the first is being able to name your priorities and how they align with you, your values, and how they fit into your life going forward. The second is intention setting, you'll learn how to set intentions so that you can maintain focus and purpose throughout the next eight weeks. 

WEEK 2: Reframing Life

Mindset is the name of the game this week, in order to create lasting impactful change we need to focus on your self-talk, mindset and self-belief, in order to create the internal change needed to make the external pivot towards your goals and purposeful life.

WEEK 3: Reintroducing Yourself

When we're stuck we forget who we are, our value, our importance in this life. This week the focus in on how utterly fabulous you are, the activities are designed to help you highlight your strengths so that you can lean into what energises you in life. 

WEEK 4: Deep Dive

What drives you, what motivates you - do you really know why you think, act, behave the way you do, especially when in a challenging situation or stuck in a hard place? We'll be unpacking your values, motivations and the shadow side of these aspects of yourself so that you really understand what drives you, deep down.

WEEK 5: Release

In our session this week I'll be taking you on a journey back in your life to release beliefs and thoughts that you've picked up and taken on as your own. This is important work to really make time and space so that you can take on the full benefit of recognising and releasing behaviours, especially those around being enough, and self-sabotage.

WEEK 6: Future Pacing

It's all very well to have goals, but what if our vision of the future isn't aligned, the key to success is to have perfect alignment with your, values, vision and goals. Future pacing will help you see what your future potential looks like and the limiting beliefs you have around it.

WEEK 7: Goal Digger

By now you have a much clearer idea of who you are, what drives you and what you future potential life looks like, the perfect time to be setting goals and pulling together an action plan so that you can really gather momentum and personal accountability.

WEEK 8: Be Your Own Best Coach

In this session, I'll be teaching you how to be your own best coach and learn how to understand the signs from the universe, and some techniques to help you retune into your intuition.

BONUS: DIY Life Recipe

You've set your goals, you have a plan, but as you start to make progress and realise your goals it's important to keep pushing your limits, your bonus gift is the Life Recipe workbook so that you can keep setting your priorities and building goals with an action plan, you will sustain. 

What's included when you upgrade - 

  • Pre-call questionnaire so we can jump straight in and hone in on what needs to be focused on from week one.

  • 8 x 60 minute 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions, weekly accountability measures and a cheer squad, a clear plan for each week.

  • Eight weeks of learning, fun, and practical tools to help you help yourself going forward. Each session is designed to help you with different aspects of your life, reconnect with your inner guidance system and empower you to be your own best coach. 

Depending on where you are at on your journey when you join the Courage to Change Course our private coaching sessions will either build upon the content for the week, or focus on the unique challenges you're facing with an emphasis on your empowerment. 

Next steps to the Courage to Change Course - 

Courage to Change Course has been designed to help you;

- Get clear on your priorities

- Clear limiting beliefs and reacquaint yourself with your inner guidance system.

- Create a strategy and road-map for your goals

- Develop practical tools and action steps towards realising your plans. 

- Have a renewed sense of purpose, direction and intention. 

- And, help you to be your own best coach.

  • The Courage to Change E-Course is valued at $225 USD

  • Apply now for the Courage to Change Course Upgrade with private coaching.

       Client Testimonials

Daniel Scott

Builder and Entrepreneur


I’m empowered, I have momentum, motivation and a strategy to get where I have always wanted to go - and working with Renée allowed me to get all my ideas into action and start seeing results.

Jason Naylor


Creative Business Coach


Renee has been coaching me for over a year, her strength has been in helping me understand my values, get clear on my goals, and most importantly eager to get off the call and take action!

Gerry Marcus

People Culture Manager,

Relationship Coach


Wow. Renée held me accountable, kept me on track and helped me develop a plan and structure for my coaching business in a fun, engaging and interesting process. Loved every minute of it.

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