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An 8-week self-paced e-course delivered straight to your inbox, for women who are seeking clarity and direction, and reconnection with their inner guidance systems in order to lean into life and in the flow of their joy with the confidence and intention to walk their paths.

"Renée's talent lies in her ability to develop self-awareness. That, coupled with her clarification of marketing concepts, brand growth, and ways in which to harness social media, gave us the confidence required to take the necessary steps of turning our dream into a reality. Dynamic."

"I would highly recommend Renée’s services. Her intuitive and creative nature, coupled with her ability to think outside the box, make her a valuable life change coach. At times when I felt stuck, it was her perspective and helpful suggestions, strategies and tools that enabled me to take the mental and physical steps towards making sustainable long term change, and achieve some goals I’d struggled with for a long time."

"I have always had difficulties in setting goals. Working with Renée has helped me to become better at this. She's also helped me to realise that as part of the process of moving toward a big goal it's important to give myself credit for the progress I make as I go. Without an objective perspective, I find it very difficult to get a sense of what I'm achieving. With Renée's help and encouragement, I'm reminded that I am getting somewhere. That's invaluable."

- Sophie Reid Photographer

"Renee has been coaching me for over a year, and her strength has been in helping me understand my values, get super clear on my goals, and most importantly eager to get off the call and take action! I've had some life-changing moments of clarity during Renee's calls and am indebted to her coaching. ."

- Jason Naylor Creative Business Coach

Read what my clients are saying 

"I’m empowered, I have momentum, motivation and a strategy to get where I have always wanted to go - and the experience of working with Renée allowed me to see how I can get all of my ideas into action and start seeing results in my business and personal life. She’s given me the tools to coach myself and my team to setting and achieving goals. "

- Daniel Scott Small Home Designer & Builder, Entrepreneur

"Renée has the uncanny ability to help people see their own strengths and skills, the experience of working with her was the most transformative as I now have a range of new skills and tools with which I can utilise at any time, any where. She’s literally changed my life."

- Amy Schultz Freelance Translator & Digital Nomad

"Thank you Renée for your most awesome coaching. Your insights have deep value for me to act on and get started. I highly recommend Renée for her insights on how to take the steps to experiencing the life you wish to create for yourself. "

- Lucia Tomarchio Psychic & Artist

"Renée is extremely intuitive, authentic and thoughtful in her coaching. Working with her has encouraged me to keep to working towards reaching my goals and overcome the things that prevent me from living my dream life. She has amazing life experiences that enable her to also be a great mentor."

- Rachel Saliba Education Engagement Consultant, Author & Speaker

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