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Co-work and the best options for entrepreneurs when traveling

Co-work spaces, co-working holidays, co-living, and their benefits when traveling

How to efficiently balance your work and life when traveling.

Co-working for entrepreneurs

Travel planning with Wayfairer, the benefits of co-work spaces

Co-work offices, co-work holidays and co-living spaces are fast becoming the way to work when on the road. They are hubs of activity and interaction between digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and location independent travelers.

What are the benefits?

  1. 71% of people feel more inspired and creative in co-work environments

  2. 75% of travelers who work whilst traveling believe they’re more productive in co-working spaces

  3. 80% say their business contacts and networks have expanded by 80% through co-working

  4. 92% believe their social circles have increased, and with people who have similar ideologies about life and work

  5. Many location independent freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads report up to 38% increase in their income due to greater productivity, business networking opportunities and improved confidence in their abilities to generate work opportunities

  6. Work hours and flexibility are considered the greatest unpaid advantages for co-working

  7. People who use co-working spaces feel that there are greater opportunities for collaborative work, problem-solving and working on projects they care and are passionate about

  8. Due to the transient nature of co-workers, not many issues related to office politics and workplace culture come up

  9. Co-work spaces help provide a community, daily structure, and routine in an unstructured environment.

“Live life on your terms. Be free. Work and live from wherever you want. It’s the location independent lifestyle. And it’s now more possible than ever” – Stuart Jones, Founder Coworkation

What options for working and travelling are available?

Co-Work offices:

  1. Grab a desk, beanbag, deckchair, stool or bench and work in a creative environment.

  2. Great for short term stays, growing your network, being in a dynamic environment.

  3. Located in all major cities, they’re easy to find and offer access to office facilities, for example, meeting rooms.

  4. Think Sydney (We Work), London (@ Work Hubs), Bangkok (The Hive), Barcelona (Talent Garden), Amsterdam (The Thinking Hut), and Tokyo (The Snack).

Co-Work holidays and vacations:

  1. Be exotic and work from a number of breathtaking locations around the world. From flotillas to poolside retreats in Bali, Mallorca, and Costa Rica.

  2. Workations are short holidays from 1 week to a month (or more) with other people from all over the world. Workations offer workshops, often included, breakfasts along with activities such as yoga, pilates, and surfing

  3. Work holidays often have a focus with experts presenting workshops and opportunities to learn more about running your own business, for example, branding, email list building, and strategy.

  4. Another benefit is that all the details are sorted out for you, as a result all you need to do is turn up, be creative and love what you do.

  5. And finally, but not least importantly they give you the option to explore new places with like minded people and without the pressure of trying to find ideal work conditions to get those all important ‘to do lists’ done each day.

  6. Check out: Remote Trotters, Co-Work the world and Remote Year for trips and information.


  1. This means sharing an apartment, house or another living space (for example, a boat) with other entrepreneurs.

  2. Co-living can be broken into three different areas,

  3. Urban co-living (living with other digital nomads in big cities such as New York),

  4. Travel co-living, (go traveling with other digital nomads for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to a variety of destinations around the world)

  5. Destination co-living (move to a specific place to live and work, Bali is very popular!)

  6. Each co-living space is different and prices are based on size, location, and length of stay.

  7. Have a look at; Co-boat in addition to Hackers Paradise

Sound good? Bags packed? We have no excuses now! Why sit at home or in an office when so many places are waiting to be discovered by you. Who knows you might have the inspiration of a lifetime and have the most abundant year yet.  Line those goals up and make them a reality. See you on the road!

And finally, download my Life Recipe workbook for FREE and purchase a copy of my handbook 101 Ways to Earn Money Whilst Traveling.


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